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Bare Anatomy is an aspirational brand which focuses on self-love and self-care as the top-most priority but without compromising on your unique needs. The Bare Anatomy’s brand ambassador program is an exclusive community with influencers passionately promoting clean and transparent beauty.

We’re looking for loyal ambassadors to 
become a part of the Bare Anatomy brand ambassador program! We want you to share our passion for beauty tech with you!

We want her to join our #BareCommunity and become a brand ambassador for us!

Here's how it works

1. Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you using Bare Anatomy products at least every other week.  

2. Remember, visual context and quality of content are incredibly important, this will increase the power of promotion and help drive the earnings you will receive!

3. Remain respectful and endorse Bare Anatomy in a positive way with inspirational content.

4. Include links to our website, social media and share information about Bare Anatomy. Don’t forget to include your discount code!

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