Benefits Of Shea Butter For Skin & Hair

Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, shea butter is now one of the most widely used ingredients for flawless skin and shiny hair. It started to get popular as it started to get used to moisturizers, lotions, and shampoos. You believe it or not but history says that it was even used by the Queen of Sheba. If you ask why this butter is super good, then this butter has got anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it special. It repairs skin, hair damages, and makes them healthy.

Not just this but it is naturally enriched with fatty acids, vitamin E, A, and F. These ingredients work together to give you smooth skin and strong hair. While there are plenty of benefits of this buttery butter, there are few major ones that we should always keep in mind.

Benefits of shea butter for skin:

  • Relieves skin dryness

Owing to its fatty acid content and humectant properties, shea butter is a perfect hydrator and a moisturizer. With no second thoughts, you can apply it on the dry patches on your face, hands, legs, or on cracked heels. The fatty acids help to nourish the skin from deep within and it will help to keep the skin hydrated for a longer period. The best part about this tried-and-tested butter is that it does not clog pores and penetrates easily without building upon the layer. 

Oh, and use these on your cuticles or on chapped lips – you are just going to thank us later!

  • Reduces skin inflammation

As mentioned, shea butter naturally consists of anti-inflammatory properties that can easily heal the affected area. If you are suffering from sunburns, rashes, or any cuts (not the fresh ones), you could simply dab shea butter for instant relief. If you also have razor bumps or notice itchiness after shaving, massage the area with shea butter and you’ll have smooth, soft skin.

  • Prevents premature aging 

Shea butter can boost the production of collagen in your skin if applied regularly. It promotes cell renewal and prevents premature fine lines or wrinkles. However, you cannot completely rely on it to keep your skin young forever but these vitamins help fight against free radicals that can damage the skin. Also, wrinkles don’t just appear on the face but are noticeable on the neck, hands, and arms. So, whenever you apply a dollop, make sure to cover these areas for complete protection. Oh, and never ever forget to cover up using an SPF.

Benefits of shea butter for hair:

  • Repairs damaged hair

There are a lot of things that can damage our hair – chemical treatments, styling appliances, and harmful UV rays. All of these are responsible for stripping away the moisturize present in the hair – and of course, that’s not really cool. However, Vitamin E present in shea butter helps to repair those beautiful locks. It can help restore the moisturize and keep them hydrated. Shea butter coats the hair shaft and protects it from sun rays and from the heat of styling appliances. 

Even if you are heading to swim, make sure to apply it to your hair to protect them from the effect of chlorine. 

You simply need to section your hair and massage your scalp and length of the hair with shea butter. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo for soft hair. Just in case, the shea butter needs to be melted, do so in the microwave.

  • Soothes dry, itchy scalp

If you have a dry scalp, there are chances that you might develop itchiness or dandruff. Although, what’s best is that you have shea butter to save you from that. Massage it on your hair and scalp and wash it off. The anti-inflammatory properties will help you fight dryness. Plus, the shea butter will easily get absorbed and won’t leave any residue behind. 

  • A perfect natural conditioner

If in case, you have never really believed in the theory of ‘conditioner’ then you definitely will, once you use Bare Anatomy’s raw shea butter. The presence of Vitamin A and E will make sure to hydrate your hair from roots to the tips. It helps to lock-in the moisture and adds shine. Just in case, you have curly hair – this will be your savior. It will improve your hair texture and will give your soft hair. Although, always make sure to comb hair with your fingers after the application so that there are no locks and it’s spread evenly!

We wish you happy hair days!

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