Best Holi Skincare Guide 2021

Holi is just around the corner and while we get how fun it is to drench each other in different colors, it obviously can take a toll on the skin. Even if you are careful enough and stick to organic colors, your skin would definitely need all the care. From pre-holi tips to post-holi tips, we have them all for you so, don’t you worry because we are going to help minimize the skin damage and get you all back to glowing. 

Pre-Holi skincare tips:


Since colors are filled with chemicals, they can easily damage your skin. The first step as you start to prep your skin before heading out is to oil your skin. Start by washing your face and then use oil to cover your face and body. You could use almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Massage it well so that it is easily absorbed and blot away excess oil using cotton. Massaging oil will act as a barrier between the color and your skin, and will protect your skin from any damage. It will also make your job of cleaning the colors post-holi super easy.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

As much as the colors are harmful, UV rays are even more harmful. While holi, your skin is constantly exposed which can add unnecessary tan to your skin, and for that make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen. We suggest you invest in a gel-based sunscreen as it will get absorbed quickly and will stay for a longer period. 

Cover yourself up

While you should always wear something comfortable for this colorful festival, it is always a good idea to wear something that can cover maximum parts of your body. A Long-sleeves t-shirt with joggers is a wonderful idea or a long-sleeved kurta with a patiala will be even better. This will help prevent damage to your arms and legs, and of course, you’ll have to work less hard post-holi. 

Also, try to stick to cotton clothing as it will help your skin to breathe and won’t cause any allergic reactions. 

Protect your nails

While you concentrate on your skin, don’t forget to protect your nails too. Cut them short and apply nail paint on them. After your nail paint is dry, use olive oil on them to protect your cuticles from color damage. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Since holi colors can take a major toll on your skin, you must keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drink ample amount of water or juices as dehydrated skin can make your skin look dull.

Petroleum jelly for the lips

Petroleum jelly would be your best friend as you start prepping your skin to head out for holi. Dab a generous amount on your lips as it will keep your lips moisturized and will prevent chapping. It will also not allow the color to settle in. 

Post-holi skincare tips:

Firstly, take off dry colors

Start by taking off the dry colors. Do not directly jump into the shower as you’ll keep struggling. Take some coconut oil and use a cotton ball to take off the dry color from your skin. 

Avoid soaps or face washes

Just when you are done with those dry colors, we suggest you avoid soaps or face washes to take the color off from your face. Since they are alkaline in nature, they will further dry up your skin. Instead, mix besan, curd, and apply it on your face and other body parts to help you take the color off. 

Moisturize well

We cannot really stress this enough. Stay hydrated and keep moisturizing your skin. Moisturizer will help you get rid of the rough patches and keep your skin soft and supple. 

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