Best Tips For Coily Hair

Big, bold, and beautiful – that’s how we’d like to describe coily hair. Although, we do understand that coily hair are quite difficult to manage and can dehydrated real quick but they have their pros too. Firstly, they are super stylish – you can try different hair styles. They look really cool (yes, yes they do!), and thirdly, the volume protects your scalp too from the harmful sun rays.

As you embrace the pros, it’s also the time for you to embrace the cons. Don’t you worry, we have  some of the best tips lined up fro you to take care of your beautiful curls!

Use a pre-shampoo mask!

Coily hair needs hydration as they tend to dry out real quick. Investing in a pre-shampoo mask is always a good idea, especially if it’s a personalised one. Use it once a week and it will deeply nourish the hair giving you smooth and soft curls.

Buy moisturising hair products

Just when you are buying your hair care routine, always look for products that will intensely moisturise your hair. Also, a sulphate-free shampoo will always be your best friend. Sulphates strip away the natural oils and leave your hair dehydrated. So, don’t make that happen and what’s best that you could is to invest in a personalised range. 

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Trim regularly

We cannot emphasise enough on this as to how important it is! While it might be a pain to head to the salons for regular trims but these will help you get rid of knotting at the ends. Once in 6 weeks is a good time to visit and to get those curls back on track. 

Use a wide-tooth comb (always!)

A wide-tooth can reduce the risk of damaging the hair to a large extent. While you are in the shower and the conditioner is still on, use the comb to detangle the curls. Go section by section and start from the ends and not from the scalp. Experts suggest that if you try combing top to bottom, you might just damage them. 

Use shea butter (often!)

Enriched with essential minerals and vitamins (A & E), shea butter moisturises the hair really well. If you want to keep your scalp hydrated and curls soft then including shea butter in your routine is a must. Massage it on your scalp and hair once a week, let it sit for 20 minutes, and wash it off with a mild shampoo for bouncy curls. This will also promote healthy hair growth and will make your hair follicles stronger! 

Now, who’s the curl boss?

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