Best Tips For Curly Hair

If your friends often tell you that having curly hair is the best thing, you could surely agree to disagree. While having beautiful curls have their pros, they have its cons too and all of you reading here are certainly aware of that. 

With curly hair, you simply cannot rely on the famous formula for lather-rinse-repeat. Curly hair requires constant hydration and less lather(ation) – if that’s even a word? Also, not to mention but a lot of patience (who are we kidding?). So, let’s just get into it and see what’s best you could do with your locks to keep them beautiful as ever!

Don’t forget a pre-shampoo mask

While some of you think that it’s just an added step, which it is, it is certainly a helpful one. Trust us, it’s going to benefit you in the long run. A pre-shampoo mask will ensure hydration and will help you with detangling. Plus, it’s just a winning deal when that pre-shampoo mask is customized for you, don’t you think? Try out our customized pre-shampoo mask and you’ll be all set.

Let it sit for 20 minutes, divide your hair into sections, and run your fingers through the strands to help with the detangling process. Use could even use a hot towel to cover your head as it will help the product seep deep into the layers and condition it from within.

Get frequent trims

Well if your hairdresser has been suggesting this to you for a while now, it’s time that you listen. Frequent trims will help prevent split ends and while they make hair frizzy, we guess it is important to get frequent trims. We suggest that every 8 weeks is good enough!

Comb and don’t brush!

Brushing doesn’t go easy when it comes to curly hair – you might just end up breaking strands from the roots. So, make sure to invest in good quality, wide-tooth comb for your curls. It’s always a good idea to comb them while you have the conditioner set in. The comb doesn’t play badly with your natural curl pattern and makes sure that detangling is easy.

Switch to diffuser

If you are someone who loves playing around with styling appliances, we suggest you make a switch to a diffuser. Diffusers evenly distribute heat and are much more gentle than other appliances. Although, always make sure to apply Argan Oil before using any appliances. 

Use silk pillowcases

We are a cruelty-free and vegan brand and we won’t encourage you to sleep on pure silk pillows. Rather, you should try to get your hands on peace silk pillow covers that are ethically sourced and would give the same effect just as the silk ones. Sleeping on these will not tangle your curls and prevent breakage.

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