Best Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

“Mirror mirror on the wall,

Show me my days of yore when I had it all!”

If that’s what you think to yourself while running a hand through a once denser scalp, you have come to the right page! The secret to a healthier scalp and denser, frizz free hair isn’t that elusive once you get back to your basics, and that is where the relevance of bare, pure and organically-grown, clean packages of goodness comes in.

The strands of hair on your pillowcase or hairbrush can slowly but surely become a thing of the past with just a quick perusal of this five minutes read.

Wondering how to maintain a healthy scalp while running a 9 to 5 in a metropolitan city with regular exposure to harsh polluting chemicals and an abundance of UV rays wreaking havoc on your crowning glory? Did you know that though medically your hair strands are pretty much dead, the “below-surface” hair underneath is alive and kickin’? 

Much like other parts of one’s body, it requires nurturing and nourishment, in the form of oxygen and proteins from the blood supply. So, here are a few pointers that you can book mark to conquer that hair fall:

  • Eat protein-rich diet

Making sure to each a balanced diet that contains protein is a must. You can incorporate cottage cheese, lean meat, fish, soy, to nourish your hair and to keep them healthy.

  • Do NOT brush wet hair

While this has been emphasised on not just by us but also by hair experts in the past. Wet hair tends to break easy and combing them can make the roots weak. Try to detangle the hair using your fingers or if it’s really important, use a wide-tooth comb.

  • Use a mild shampoo 

Using a mild, customised shampoo is always the best. Understand your hair type and concerns, take our super quick hair quiz, and get a sulphate-free, customised hair care range delivered to your doorstep! This will ensure that your hair remains healthy and you are able to solve issue of hair fall.

  • Incorporate Biotin

Commonly known as Vitamin H, Biotin is a vitamin that’s essential for hair growth. Biotin can be found in eggs, nuts, onion, and oats but, just in case you want something quick and easy – we suggest you to take our delicious Biotin hair gummies. These hair gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and come in strawberry flavour. You can not only rely on these to reduce hair fall but also to make your strands stronger and shinier.

  • Use essential oils to massage hair

Massaging the scalp with essential oils can make your hair follicles stronger leading to less hair fall. Oil penetrates easily which does not let the hair loose its moisture content. Warm the oil a bit, massage it gently for about 15 minutes, leave it on for 30 minutes, and wash it off with your customised shampoo for shiny, nourished hair. 

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