Collagen FAQs

  1. What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin and comprises 60-75 percent of your skin.

2. What is a Collagen supplement and why is it important?

As we cross the age of 25, our body struggles to synthesize collagen. Not just the age but pollution, our lifestyle can majorly impact the production of collagen which can trigger the skin aging process. Plenty of studies have proved that intake of collagen supplement (protein is broken down in the form of a powder) can improve the overall health of the skin. 

3. How is Bare Anatomy’s Beauty Collagen Builder different from others?

Bare Anatomy’s Beauty Collagen Builder is 100% vegetarian and sugar-free. It is rich in pro-collagen nutrients such as Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, along with natural protein such as pea protein to give your skin a healthy boost. It does not have fishy aftertaste and can be digested easily (no bloating)

4. What flavors are available?

Our Beauty Collagen Builder comes in two delicious flavors – Swiss Vanilla and Rich Chocolate.

5. How to use it?

You can mix one sachet in any of your favourite drinks (coffee, smoothie, coffee, shake) and drink it. However, it’s a versatile product and can be added to various dishes. You could add it to your oat bowls, cakes, puddings, hot chocolate. Check out our favorite collagen-based recipes here <link the blog of recipes>

6. Is it necessary to take the supplement? Can I get collagen from foods?

There are a lot of foods that are rich in nutrients that will help produce collagen in the body. We will always recommend you incorporate those into your diet for optimal results. However, our Beauty Collagen Builder is a package in itself. It consists of the essential nutrients that will help build collagen in your body – so, why not take the easy route here?

7. Is your collagen vegan?

No, it’s not vegan but it’s 100% vegetarian.

8. How long should I wait for the results?

Patience is the key. We recommend you to stick to our collagen builders for 3-4 months for effective results.

9. Is this collagen builder only beneficial for the skin?

No. It also strengthens your hair follicles and prevents nail brittleness. 

10. Are there any side-effects of taking collagen?

No, there aren’t any. However, if you have any skin condition, we recommend you consult the doctor before taking the collagen builder.

11. Is it safe for kids?

It is safe for kids. But we recommend adults who are 20+ to start with collagen builder.

12. Can pregnant/lactating women take it?

Yes, but we would advise you to consult with your doctor before taking the collagen builder.

13. Can I replace my protein powder with this collagen builder?

No. This collagen builder consists of nutrients that will help your body boost collagen production. This collagen supplement is not related to building muscle mass and hence, we do not recommend you to replace your protein powder with a collagen builder.

14. How many days will my order take?

Your order will take 3-7 business days to get delivered.

15. How many sachets come in one box?

15 sachets per box.

16. What is the best time to take Collagen Builder?

You could mix it in your favourite smoothie for breakfast, mix it in your post work-out shake, or as an evening drink. Avoid taking it before going to bed.

17. Can I take 2 sachets a day?

No, recommended dosage is 1 sachet a day and it should not be exceeded.

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