You might have never put serious thought into buying the perfect brush for yourself. After all, it’s just a hairbrush, right?

If you’re one of those who think the same way, then it’s time to stop and rethink. Hairbrushes, as trivial as they might seem, can prove to be a game-changer for your hair. Each brush is designed differently, with the kind of shape it has or the kind of bristles it owns. Also, each brush is suited to a different kind of hair. 

So, let’s look at these brushes for all hair types and let your tresses have the best time!

Straight and Thin Hair

Thin hair is prone to breakage, especially when wet. For such hair, it is important to find a brush that is not too harsh on your hair. It is also best to find a brush that doesn’t leave the hair flat but adds some bounce to make your hair look voluminous. The best hairbrush to prevent breakage that you can look out for are:

1. Smoothing Brush

This kind of brush is great for smoothing out unmanageable hair by straightening out any bumps on them. It is great for styling as it gives a sleek finish to hair.

 2. Round Brush

 A round brush is best for getting a voluminous look. Additionally, it will make your hair look smooth and shiny. For long hair, this brush is especially great. The best round brush for fine hair blowout is the one with boar-bristles.

Oily Hair

It is believed that oily hair must not be brushed often as the excess oils from the scalp will worsen the overall condition of hair. But the truth is, even oily hair requires regular brushing to maintain smoothness. The key is to invest in a hairbrush that has uniform bristles to distribute the oils in the scalp evenly onto hair, smoothing them out at the same time. Some best brushes for oily hair are:

 1. Boar-bristle/Fiber hair brush

 You can opt for any hairbrush, round or normal, with boar-bristles or fibers to penetrate through the scalp and distribute the oil evenly through the entire length of hair. As a result, the roots will appear less greasy and you will be left with shiny, smooth hair.

 2. Paddle Brush

 Paddle brushes can work well for oily hair too. You just have to make sure that the bristles are uniform and soft. It not only gently distributes hair oils but will also detangle hair well. It is also great for styling the hair during a blow-dry session that will leave you with smooth straight hair.

Dry Hair

Dry or damaged hair must always be provided with loads of condition and moisture, be it in the form of hair products or with the help of a suitable hairbrush. Dry hair is extra brittle and can break easily, wet or not. It is best to look for a brush that is extra gentle with extremely soft bristles to treat your hair well. Also, it must be able to reach the scalp well to increase circulation around hair follicles. Here are some brushes that will suit fine.

 1. Detangler

 This is the best brush for damaged hair. Because of its ability to smoothen the tresses without breakage, it is a must for dry hair. It is gentle on hair and smooths out the hair well, even when wet. If you find this brush with natural bamboo bristles, then even better!

 2. Paddle brush with extended bristles

Because of its extended bristles, it provides easy detangling and reduces stress to hair and scalp during brushing or styling.

Curly Hair

Curly-haired girls can understand the terror that comes with brushing their hair too often. It can lead to hair loss and a loss of the natural curly shape of their pretty hair. To rescue yourself, find a brush that can not only detangle your tough knots smoothly but also maintain their shape well. Just remember to brush your wet tresses, after conditioning, with these hairbrush types for curly hair

 1. Wide-toothed comb

 It is the best bet for curly hair as it is extremely gentle and runs according to your hair design, hence locking in its shape.

 2. Paddle brush with spaced bristles 

 A brush will work as long as its bristles are spaced and designed properly. Such brushes make it easier to detangle hair while not ruining the shape at all.

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