Tips To Maintain Straight Hair

Well, having straight hair could be the best thing in the world. It could be. But, if your curly-haired friends are jealous of you right now, let them know that everything is a bit more complicated here!

We do agree that straight hair has its pros – detangle, what? But it also has its cons – volume, please? Plus, how about that volume of oil for which it is super easy to move around. Guess what? The grass is always not that greener. So, let’s not wait and dig deep on how you can take care of your silky tresses and make every day your #goodhairday.

1.Use a mild shampoo and wash less. ALWAYS!

Can we stress this enough? Actually, no. Using a mild shampoo is a must, not just for your straight hair type but for every hair type. For your silky tresses, what extra you could do is get a shampoo + conditioner combo that’s personalized and unique for your hair type (FYI, we do that the best). Also, try and wash your hair every second or third day. The lesser you wash, the less are the chances of getting dry hair, hence, less breakage.

  1. Do not forget that conditioner

Just like shampoo, conditioner is equally important too. Conditioner will make sure to keep your hair hydrated and nourished throughout. Just in case, you feel you have an oily scalp, do not apply the conditioner on your roots (that way, oil won’t build up). Focus on the strands and just the ends.

  1. Use a texturizing spray

By this, we mean giving a new life to your hair. We understand how flat and boring straight hair could get. If you are someone who is very much used to blow-drying out your hair, we suggest you take a step back. Try out a volumizing spray. Use it on dry hair. Flip your hair and run your fingers through the strands and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to not OVERUSE the product.

  1. Never comb wet hair

Brushing while the hair is wet can cause tension onto the strands which could lead to hair fall(yes!). Try to use a wide-tooth comb before applying conditioner to untie the hair knots, if any. Just when you feel that your hair is 80% dried out, you can go ahead to use any styling appliances. But but, protect your tresses using our 100% pure Argan Oil from any heat damage.

  1. Rely on hair masks!

A deep conditioning hair mask is very important for daily maintenance. You could use your custom-made pre-shampoo mask to give your hair that extra care they need. Or, you could even get DIYing and make some hair masks at home. Mix 1tsp of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and organic honey. Apply it on your scalp and run it through the strands. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse it off with a mild shampoo for moisturized, glossy hair.

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