Best Tips To Maintain Wavy Hair Type

Not many are aware that handling wavy hair is as difficult as handling curly hair. Although, they do look great when you have to hit the beach all it is ain’t that easy. Wavy hair tends to lose moisture pretty soon plus, it could get tangled easily.

Now a huge bonus here is that we have got some power-packed tips for you that are going to solve all your bad hair day woes! Bookmark this – don’t tell us later that we never saved you.

Use the right shampoo + conditioner

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this point. While you may think that it might be difficult to find the right one amongst different products but the catch, buy a customized one! Well, you simply need to take our hair quiz, let us know your hair concerns and we’ll pick ingredients and customize a combo for you. Our personalized combo will make sure that your hair doesn’t frizz out and weighs down.

Guess what? You might just be ready to hit that red carpet.

Let your hair dry naturally

Towel drying or using heating appliances to dry out the hair can lead to hair breakage. Both of these methods can damage your hair and would take away the moisture content (which of course, you don’t want). So, we suggest you take a seat and air dry your hair. 

Do not OVERUSE the products

As much as you like your hair products, we would suggest you not to overuse them – under any circumstances! Wavy hair can be weighed down easily and we don’t want that. Overusing products such as hair serum or dry shampoo can lead to product buildup and could leave your hair dehydrated.

Invest in a pre-shampoo mask

Yes, do that! How about a customized one? Our customized regime is all about providing our customers with a wholesome experience. Our pre-shampoo mask is enriched with essential oils that locks-in moisture and leaves your hair hydrated and moisturized. Oh, and it even detoxifies your scalp.

Use fingers to comb your hair

Using fingers to comb out the hair will help control the frizz. It also pulls your hair less and will give your defined waves. If you are in a hurry, you could use a wide-tooth comb to detangle them but never ever use a hairbrush. A hairbrush will damage your hair follicles leading to hair breakage. 

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