What Is Collagen & Its Benefits

Every person today is conscious about what they eat and drink. Especially with Covid-19 situation around, all of us are more aware, isn’t it? We are switching to a healthy lifestyle, eating foods that help us build immunity, that help us have healthy skin and hair, and that keeps us healthy for a long time. 

In recent years, there were a lot of new ingredients, recipes (if you remember Dalgona Coffee), dishes that broke the internet, and we certainly wanted to try all of them. We saw a crazy trend for Ashwagandha tablets, Biotin found its way into so many homes, energy bars were all of a sudden ‘trendy,’ and collagen was taking up its new form. 

While Collagen has started to get popular and is associated with several benefits for skin and hair (backed by science), we thought we’d share light on the same.

So, what is Collagen?

Let’s keep it short and simple: It is the most abundant protein in the body that makes up to 60-75 per cent of your skin (well, yes!).

Although our body naturally produces collagen with the help of intake of various foods but – yes, there’s a ‘but’ coming. BUT, as people start to age, the existing collagen starts to break down and it becomes difficult for the body to start producing. Hence, people start to notice fine lines, wrinkles and start to look up to collagen supplements to boost the collagen content in their body. 

Not to mention, but collagen supplements do have a lot of benefits.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Keeps skin healthy

Being a very important protein for the skin, collagen is known to keep your skin healthy and young. It works together with another protein called elastin to strengthen the skin’s barrier from within. Not just this, but several studies have shown that the process of aging slows down for women who take collagen supplements on a regular basis. It also relieves the skin from dryness and keeps it hydrated all day long.

If you keep adding collagen peptides to your diet, you’ll notice an improvement in skin health and will improve its elasticity. In this study, around 800 patients were analyzed and were given 10gms of collagen each day in order to improve skin health and guess what the results were? The supplements ACTUALLY proved to be beneficial.

  • Makes hair and nails stronger

Amino acids are important when it comes to stronger and healthier hair. While our body can produce essential amino acids; the demand for non-essential amino acids is met with the help of the diet. The good thing is that collagen constitutes different non-essential amino acids that help in the formation of keratin leading to hair growth (woohoo!)

Collagen also contributes to the strength of your dermis and prevents hair thinning. It acts as the perfect antioxidant and prevents hair damage, making them stronger.

While if you are someone who is bothered by the brittleness of the nails, then collagen also helps in strengthening the nails. You could definitely plan on welcoming long, healthy-looking nails.

So, are you ready to age backwards?

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