Easy and Effective Winter Hair-Care Routine

Winters can take a toll on your hair like nothing else. Your scalp suffers from a lack of moisture that can lead to dandruff, irritation, and all of it makes hair fall happen. 

But, don’t you worry, a good winter hair care routine can get you out of this easily. These solutions are not just easy to keep up but are quick too (we swear!).

Do we hear good hair days calling?

Moisturize your scalp and hair regularly

This first step is going to be your savior, trust us! Use nourishing hair oils such as Argan oil, Jojoba, Almond, or coconut oil to soothe flakiness and to prevent dryness. You could directly massage the oil on your scalp or warm it up with some lemon juice. Use a cotton ball to dab onto your scalp, leave it on for 20-30 minutes, and you are all set!

Avoid washing your hair frequently

Washing hair often in winters can strip away the natural oils which your roots need for moisturization. Extend the period between your washes as much as you can. Oh, don’t you think dry shampoo is the perfect solution for this?

Bare Tip: If you don’t have oily roots, try skipping the shampoo and wash your hair with the conditioner (thank us later!)

Skip heat styling

Winters can make your hair fragile and using styling equipment can lead to dryness. Let your hair dry out naturally. If you’re worried about the frizz, use a few drops of light hair oil. If you are looking for curls, tie your hair in a bun, and sleep on it (yes, literally!).

Use dry shampoo for limp hair

A beret is trendy, we get it! But don’t you think that it also messed up your hair as soon as you take it off? Well, in that classic case, make sure to carry a travel-friendly dry shampoo – ALWAYS! Apply it to the roots whenever needed and fix your hair. Dry shampoo opens up the hair shaft that keeps it looking fuller and alive. 

But, never skip that beret or a hat!

The dry winter air can easily take away your hair moisture so, it’s always important to cover your hair as you step out. Although, make sure to line your hat with satin/silk since hat fabrics can cause hair breakage.


Each strand of your hair consists of 25 percent water. Drinking enough water encourages hair growth and energizes your body, in general. It stimulates a healthier scalp and protects it from dandruff, itchiness, and dryness. If you drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day, the hydration will benefit both your skin and hair.

Don’t forget to upgrade to customized hair-care

Apart from ensuring that you follow these hair tips, it is also important to ensure that your hair care is customized to work for your unique hair type and all of its unique needs. Guess what? We can do that for you! Take our hair quiz, fill in your color/fragrance preferences, and your customized bottles will be delivered to you.

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